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Who are Ethiopians? Interview with Prof Haile Larebo part I & Part II [Must Watch]

January 24,2017

Prof Haile Larebo is a researcher and professor of history. In this two parts interview (below) with ESAT, he discussed at length Ethiopian identity among other things.

Politically charged interpretation of Ethiopian history, especially radical ethno-nationalist political forces with links to external forces, caused much confusion in conversations in Ethiopian politics.

Radical ethno-nationalists dared to reduce Ethiopian history to Amhara history- apparently with a deliberate intention to create confusion that could serve the purpose of ethno-nationalism.

Ethnically speaking, professor Haile Larebo is not from Amhara speaking. But he has remarkable clarity about Ethiopian identity and the Ethiopian polity and deconstructs misinterpretations of Ethiopian history. It is a must watch interview.

Part I


Part II




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