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Ethiopia : regime claims 125 people arrested over corruption

December 27,2016

Video credit : Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation

125 people are arrested in Addis Ababa in what the regime allegedly says is over corruption practices. It is Addis Ababa police Commission that made the arrest, not the “Command Post.” And the arrest was made on Friday, according to Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. The report added that Addis Ababa Police is investigating the cases of arrested officials and individuals.

22 of the arrest are said to be executives in city administration of Addis Ababa. 99 of them are said to be employees of Addis Ababa Administration at various levels and 4 are individuals, according to the report by state media. Addis Ababa is one of the most corrupt places in the country to the extent that corruption has become almost like a norm.

Lists of arrested executives in the city administration is not disclosed, perhaps purposely. Concerns have been expressed that the regime in power could use “the fight against” corruption in a way to root out officials whose loyalty to the regime is questionable.

In fact, many Ethiopians are of the view that the regime in power deliberately entrenched corruption, which is at unprecedented level in the history of the country, as a tool to form loyal social base to maintain its power.




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