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Ethiopia : Community shocked by murder of three Young Ethiopian-Americans

December 26,2016

Murder of three Ethiopian-Americans shocked the community. Abe Debela is a kind of person that could match what many Americans describe as a success story. Abe has three degrees including one in Law. According to Crime Watch Daily report, Abe worked in different law firms and at the age of 32 he already opened his own law practice office in Redding in Connecticut.

His mother told Crime Watch Daily that “she was worried for this life.” Reason? He told her that people didn’t like him in the predominantly white community where he opened his law office,says Ellen.From what she told Crime Watch Daily, she advised him to get out of the community that didn’t like him. As it turns out his mother was right for fearing for his life. Born and raised in the United States and the only son to the family, Abe was killed tragically. ” …Abe Debela is found dead in his overturned car with a bullet wound in the back of his head. Within hours police pronounced his death “a suicide” wrote Crime Watch Daily.

More shocking to the story is that his death was treated by police as suicide -apparently without proper investigation. Abe’s parents filed a federal law suit contending that it was murder, not suicide. They are of the view, convincingly so, that police is covering up a murder. Solomon Radner, the attorney who handled the case, thinks “almost everything about the case is just suspicious,” as cited by Crime Watch Daily reporter.

Kedest Sileshi Simeneh Picture : from GoFundMe page

Anyone with information about the case is asked to submit tip to Crime Watch Daily or contact the attorney – Solomon Radner at (800) LAW-FIRM.

Just two days before Christmas, two other young Ethiopian-Americans are also found dead in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the same neighborhood. According to The Washington Post, Henok G. Yohannes, 22, was found dead on Thursday around 8:15 p.m local time at the location of 6400 block of Blarney Stone Court. Post mortem suggests trauma to his upper body.

Kedest Sileshi Simeneh, another Ethiopian American and also 22, was found dead on Friday in the same neighborhood. Her body was found leaning against a tree in a yard on Cordwood Court in Burke. Like Henok, Kedest’s body bears signs of trauma to the upper body, according to police.

The Washington Post report indicates that Henok and Kedest knew each other.

From social media reports, the Ethiopian community is shocked. If you would like to consider supporting the family with funeral costs, A fundraising drive is launched on GoFundMe. Kedest’s GoFund Me campaign is here and Henok’s campaign is here



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