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Ethiopia : Gamada Wariyo -“Down Down Woyane” chant icon – reportedly in Egypt

November 21,2016

Gamada Wariyo chanting “down down woyane” during Irrecha celebration in Bishoftu. Video : Social Media

In the first week of October 2016, Ethiopia witnessed one of the most unprecedented tragedy when yearly religious festival,Ireecha, with more than 2 million people in attendance turned violent and caused the death of about 700 Ethiopians in one day.

In the event, Gamada Wariyo -his name was not known at the time – snatched a microphone from event lead in the stage and chanted “Down Down Woyane. Down Down TPLF.” The crowed responded to the chant but deployed security forces and their commanders were not feeling like tolerating it, as is the case usually. They fired tear gas and live ammunition in to the crowed causing stampede. Many lost their lives when they were plunged into deep ditches as they try to escape from the tear gas and bullet. Of course, no government authority is held responsible for it so far. There is no indication if a formal investigation is under way or not.


The whereabouts of Gamada Wariyo was not known for many people. Probably, many were thinking that he fell in the hands of regime security forces.

Today, a report emerged in social media that Gamada Wariyo is safe and is located in Egypt. How he ended in Egypt is not that clear. It is clear that he would never live peacefully in Ethiopia after his daring historic protest. In Egypt, he joined another icon who happened to be vocal during the protest against Addis Ababa master plan. (see picture below)

Regime in Ethiopia has been accusing Egypt of meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia by way of supporting radical ethno-nationalist forces like Oromo Liberation Front – which the government outlawed as a terrorist organization long time ago.

Gamada Wariyo – first from the right. Source : Social Media




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