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Eritrean fighter jet pilots reportedly defected to Ethiopia

October 28,2016


Two Eritrean fighter pilots reportedly defected to Ethiopia with MIG 29 fighter jets they were flying. Voice of America Amharic service cited what it calls Ethiopian intelligence sources for the report.

The pilots flew the MIG 29 jet first to Humera and was escorted to Mekele base.

The pilots are identified as Mebrhatu Tesfamariam and Afework Tsehaye – currently in undisclosed location – according to VOA news.

The report indicates that Eritrean Minister of Information, Yemane Gebremesqel, dismissed the report as ‘baseless with no worth’ in an interview with BBC.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation did not report about it. An incident like this would normally get over-consumption by Ethiopian government for propaganda purpose.

Pro-government news outlets didn’t report about it either.

We will update the news we information from Eritrean sources becomes available.


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