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Ethiopia : Zewdie Gudeta of ODF an embodiment of Oromo wisdom [Must watch]

October 26,2016

Vision Ethiopia conference this past weekend was a huge success in terms of bringing together Ethiopians from different language groups to share their vision of post-conflict Ethiopia (Post-EPRDF)

Most importantly, the conference featured young and bright Ethiopians from variety of professional backgrounds. Among them was Zewudie Gudeta – who is introduced as an Oromo from Ambo town – one of Ethiopian towns where the current Tigray People Liberation Front faced stiff resistance on its way to power back in 1991. Ambo has been a headache to the regime in power virtually through out its 25 years of repressive rule. Political leaders like Merera Gudina are also from Ambo. In history, Ambo is home to valorous Ethiopian patriots who fought against fascist Italians.

Perhaps it is the Ambo effect that we see in the person of Zewdie Gudeta. At a time when radical Oromo groups are taking about disintegrating Ethiopia, Oromo Democratic Front emerged as a viable voice for the Oromo and is apparently working with other Ethiopian opposition parties to bring about positive change in Ethiopia : democratic Ethiopia where all of its citizens cherish equality,freedom and the prestige of being Ethiopian.

The message presented by Zewdie Gudeta is rather an embodiment of Oromo Wisdom and is truly Ethiopian. His message is taken in a positive note among Ethiopians and brought about optimism among Ethiopians that young leaders like him would stand to the test of time to usher in victory.

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  1. @ Z.Gudeta,
    The worst Oromo who crossed the Red-line of history in case of Oromo Nation in supporting the Minelik legacy- Oromo Holocaust . Now, at 21st century he is inviting our historical enemy for more genocide acts against Oromos to save the dying empire. He is worse than OPDO. Actually, it is the policy of disabled ♿ ODF.
    Go to hell!

  2. Ato Zewde is an enlightened Ethiopian political leader of Oromo heritage. His party accepts Ethiopia unity in diversity and condems Oromo extremist balakanzing groups. The fact he is born in Ambo is important since Ambo has faught TPLF March to Addis.Oromo is birth many Ethopian Heros that defended Ethiopia against foreign invadors. A democratic government that respects 80 ethnic groups in natural diversity as the define it. Only real democratic government that is not ethnic based will govern Ethiopia. Governing Ethiopia is not difficult: respect diversity, respect individual citizen and be uniting leader not divide and rule. Such leader should learn both Dictators the late Meles and exiled Mengistu hiding under another African dictator Mugabe who destroyed Zimabwe. Both are destructive extermist rulers. Mengistu destroyed Ethiopia created EPLF, TPLF. Ethiopia needs moderate leader of wisdom that respect Ethiopian history and tradition and its people as individuals and communities.

    Sisay Asefa: An Ethiopian of Mixed Amhara and Oromo orgin like Millions of Ethiopians.


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