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Ethiopia : “freedom charter” and Atlanta Oromo summit construed [Must listen -Amharic]

October 25,2016

In T&T show, Tamrat Negera and Tewodros Tsegaye construed issues regarding Oromo Charter, Oromo Transitional Government and Oromo Army – all of them plans that Jawar unveiled to an Oromo audience during an event in Minnesota.

After the event, Jawar disowned his own words in an interview with BBN. Professor Ezkiel Gabissa was also in the interview and he appeared as if he is not aware about any talk regarding transitional government document and formation of an Oromo army.

Tamrat and Tewodros delved to controversy ; turned every single stone to shed light on what are now rather,as indicated above, disowned words of Jawar and his group regarding details of the Atlanta Oromo Summit project.

This edition of TandT show talks not just about the Atlanta Oromo summit but also about other issues related to the politics of secession related to the Oromos. Among other things, they touched up on the “colonial question” and the assertion in the radical Oromo quarter, you probably never heard this before, that Ethiopia is a “gift of colonial powers” during the partition of Africa.

Regarding the document and “charter” prepared for the Atlanta Oromo Leadership Summit, Tamrat Negera asserts that more than Ethiopians speaking other languages Oromos themselves will be a victim of such a document if it happens as it will weaken dissenting voices within the Oromo. Tamrat Negera is a professed Ethiopian Nationalist with an Oromo heritage.


What do you think of Tamrat and Tewodros’ deconstruction of the Atlanta Oromo project? please share your thoughts.

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  1. It is clear fact that the today’s Ethiopia is an apartheid state of TPLF , I don’t think it’s a problem to have a freedom character I as an Oromo Ethiopian personally support the convention of the Oromo lawyers association held in London

  2. Thanks guys you are doing a great job. Ethiopia needs people like you who analyze and expose the truth more than anytime in history. Keep up the good work. God bless you

  3. A very nice idea. Thank you dear. We are in a cross road. I am hopeful that things will go in favor of the Ethiopians. God will not leave us to these merciless small potatoes.

  4. You guys smiply you are wasting your time for your none sense hate talk. You can play your old card or what ever you want the truth on the ground is we the Oromo people we are stronger and united then you have ever imagine. You can try but you will never succeeded. This is not 1991 . No one more or better Ethiopia more than Oromo people . From speaking others language to respecting others culture . If you still dreaming the dead old Ethiopia you need to wake up . The futher ethiopia is gonna be the country all Ethiopians can see them selve in not only Amharas and Tigree. Ethiopia must have to be for all ethiopia . No oromos or others can buy ur hate talk on Jawar , he is working for his people ur talking . Endanagabati jibi bichachuni endatiqaru. Stand like man work like him for ur people . JAWAR IS IN OUR HEART . WE LOVE HIM AND HE WILL SUCCEED whether you like or not . OROMO maybe soon or late will succeed we do not need ur help . Stand for ur right stop your hate show . Thank you

  5. I’ve never heard of an analysis of this kind with this depth. Even Jawar cannot synthesize the ideas he reflected in the different parts of his speeches. Lacks consistency maybe out of fear of the sensitivity of the issues. I hopefully would like a dialog to be held between you guys and Jawar’s team.

  6. Secession is a fantasy for novice politicians specially for subsaharan Africa. They don’t understand the consequences that follow. Simple example : Arsi Oromo vs other Oromoside. Each Oromo group has multiple clans within itself. What about boundary questions? Thanks to our unity as an Ethiopian nation our identities were preserved. If we were under the Italian colonial rule we would have lost our languages and cultures and everything.

  7. Thank you Tedie you bring this burning issue. From the begnning, Jawar and his followers need to see the disentegrated Ethiopia that every body should understand by being out of the nenses emotion.

    Long live for Ethiopia!!!

  8. We have to understand that TPLF is not going to give its power until all Ethiopian group including Tigrian unite; the OROMO’S can keep dreaming to have a free state of OROMO people wchich is carved by TPLF to deceive them

  9. thiis is an exciting discussion.jawar’s and his coleagues assertion of forming state within state is a total anarchy.inviting wars among one people with another by forming their own armies and boundaries.if we are talking about a country it always required 1.centralized army 2.centralized currency 3.centralized government 4.foreign relations under centlized government.if it is deviated from these lines the quetions and their whole discussion is seperation Oromo people from ethiopia.no less no more and no room for another discussion which can elongate our life under woyane’s yoke for centuries.hence I do not see any ideologically difference between these people and woyanes

  10. Being high Educated never change Natural stupidity but it’s might be change your life style. I think life in America should be one of good example for narrative Jowar and his followers ppl, to share equal opportunity and freedom as the same as All American, even they are not exist with native Americans but still they are enjoyed and sharing everthing because of freedom not being Oromo.

    The shameful matters is American life experience or being Educated can naver change natural Narrotive or stupidity.


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