Ethiopia : “freedom charter” and Atlanta Oromo summit construed [Must listen -Amharic]

October 25,2016

In T&T show, Tamrat Negera and Tewodros Tsegaye construed issues regarding Oromo Charter, Oromo Transitional Government and Oromo Army – all of them plans that Jawar unveiled to an Oromo audience during an event in Minnesota.

After the event, Jawar disowned his own words in an interview with BBN. Professor Ezkiel Gabissa was also in the interview and he appeared as if he is not aware about any talk regarding transitional government document and formation of an Oromo army.

Tamrat and Tewodros delved to controversy ; turned every single stone to shed light on what are now rather,as indicated above, disowned words of Jawar and his group regarding details of the Atlanta Oromo Summit project.

This edition of TandT show talks not just about the Atlanta Oromo summit but also about other issues related to the politics of secession related to the Oromos. Among other things, they touched up on the “colonial question” and the assertion in the radical Oromo quarter, you probably never heard this before, that Ethiopia is a “gift of colonial powers” during the partition of Africa.

Regarding the document and “charter” prepared for the Atlanta Oromo Leadership Summit, Tamrat Negera asserts that more than Ethiopians speaking other languages Oromos themselves will be a victim of such a document if it happens as it will weaken dissenting voices within the Oromo. Tamrat Negera is a professed Ethiopian Nationalist with an Oromo heritage.


What do you think of Tamrat and Tewodros’ deconstruction of the Atlanta Oromo project? please share your thoughts.

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