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Ethiopia : Multiples of websites including Ministry of Finance and Economic Development hacked by Amhara activists

October 17,2016

Hacked ministry of finance and economic development website
Hacked ministry of finance and economic development website

Amhara Resistance activists claimed responsibility that they have hacked multiples of Ethiopian government websites today.

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Government of Ethiopia website is one of them.The ministry is led by what many insiders say is one of Tigray People’s Liberation Front key figures at the Federal government level after the death of the late Meles Zenawi. In addition to his ministerial portfolio, he is deputy prime minister but allegedly more powerful than Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne.


After the death of prime minister Meles Zenawi, at least two more deputy Prime minister position were opened in what seem to be an effort to resolve ethnic rivalry over the the position of the prime minster-which was given to a representative from weaker party,by virtue of population support base and the way it was invented by TPLF, within the ruling Ethiopian peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front(which is rather under the iron fist of TPLF).

Ministry of Health and the ruling party’s , EPRDF, websites are hacked as well by the same groups of activists.

The concept and practice of e-government is not that known within the bureaucracy in Ethiopia and perhaps service delivery, as archaic and inefficient as it is, could not be much affected because websites are down.

However, the action does seem to have symbolic significance in the opposition factor. It came just a day after regime in Ethiopia unveiled rules governing the six months old state of emergency which, among many other things, seriously restricts, almost like a total ban, social media use including commenting and liking pages that regime think are “anti-peace” and belong to “terrorists.” According to government narrative, “terrorist” are dissenting voices that throw scathing attack on regime.

Amhara Resistance activist struggle against what they say is a genocide plan on Amhara people by the ruling Tigray people’s Liberation Front. A documentary distributed on social media by Amhara activists indicate that over two million Amhara people were systematically exterminated by TPLF government over a period of two decades.

In the last few months,furthermore, hundreds of Amhara were killed after Hailemariam Desalegne ordered deployment of armed forces in the Amhara region. And the activists see it as continuity of the genocide plan against Amhara. The region is still allegedly under military command and this week there was, reportedly, renewed attack in North Gonder region. Number of causality is not reported yet.

This is not the first time for websites are hacked in Ethiopia. A few months ago, Oromo protest activists hacked Addis Ababa University website. Over the past eleven months hundreds of Oromos were killed by the regime in Ethiopia. Amhara and Oromo are the most intermarried language speaking groups in Ethiopia with an estimated 10 million Ethiopian population is from both language groups.


Written by Dimetros Birku. Tweets at : @dimetros




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