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Updated : Fire in notorious Qilinto prison in central Ethiopia ; 20 inmates reported dead

September 3,2016

The infamous Qilinto prison caught fire this morning -says ESAT in breaking news coverage. ESAT cited an individual who happened to be near by Qilinto and accidentally saw the prison in flames. Video footage of the incident (see video above) is sent to ESAT on condition of anonymity.

The report by ESAT added there was intense gun fire as the prison was blazing. The prison came under siege by government forces soon after the fire incident. No words from government so far if the incident is an act of arson. Pro-Tigray People’s Liberation Front government blogger, Daniel Berhane, wasted no time to blame Ginbot 7 for the fire incident in Qilinto. “Burning prisons in the country has become a duty for Ginbot 7 infiltrators. We know, and can release as needed, names of infiltrators to the level of deputy ministers” wrote Daniel on his facebook.

Daniel runs news blog where he features what the regime in power and supporters call “developmental news” and is said to be close to the inner circles of the ruling TPLF elites – including “retired” ones like Sebhat Nega and Tsadkan Gebretensay(former military general).

Two days ago a prison in Debre Tabor was set on fire resulting in deaths of unknown number of inmates and prison guards after Agazi forces opened fire.

Maximum security prison Qilinto, in the south east side outskirts of Addis Ababa, has high profile political prisoners including Bekele Gerba and members of Muslim Committee members who were elected to lead struggle to protect Islam in Ethiopia from government intervention and imposition of cadre clerics.

20 inmates are reported dead in relation to the fire incident ; apparently in connection with gunshot by prison guards to avert possible prison break, indicates recent news by Addis Fortune. Fire fighters were deployed and three of them are reportedly hospitalized after they sustained injury.

Political situation in the country is still tense. Government is deepening military measure to stifle country wide protest against the ruling party.


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