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Ethiopian Day : Day six of ESFNA event

July 09, 2016

video taken during Ethiopian Day- borkena

If there is a thing that Ethiopians cherish most, it is coming together and celebrate their heritage ; Ethiopia.

The day to day life in the Ethiopian culture tends to collectivize and bring together not just families but also neighbors. For example, you can not imagine having coffee on the go detaching it from the very essence of having coffee which is settling down with people , chat and share information or discuss some other things of interest to the neighborhood. Having a meal is a very social routine so much so that using tray is common as opposed a plate which is not convenient to eat together for two or more people.

Until very recently, many Ethiopians think it is weird to have a meal alone. The things that Ethiopians do on a daily basis do have a power to foster social attachment.

No wonder that Ethiopians experience considerable social challenge and adaptability issue when they find themselves in a different society and culture that is rather individualistic.

The sixth day of Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) is Ethiopian Day which was yesterday. It is dedicated to celebrating Ethiopian culture and tradition.

Turn out at the Alan Lamport Stadium of Toronto was extremely good! Entrance fee is $35. People thought it is a bit expensive. Yet, many understand the need on the part of the organizers to put together such an expensive a week long event.

Ethiopian Day was full of activities inside the stadium and in the vending area too. In the vending area, Ethiopian online music provides like “Arif zefen” played Ethiopian cultural music ranging from Guragigna to Wolayta and Oromigna.

Ethiopian Day - Yesterday at the Alan Lamport Stadium Photo : borkena
Ethiopian Day – Yesterday at the Alan Lamport Stadium
Photo : borkena

In the stadium, there was a concert in that featured traditional Ethiopian Music from most language groups. Patriotic song was also part of the event. “Ho biye emetalehu ho biye bedele” most popular patriotic stirred a sense nostalgia and love of Ethiopia.

The mood was electrifying.

Closing ceremony is this afternoon.

Check back for an update on the closing day ceremony.


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