Ethiopia : Dagnachew Assefa dismissed from Addis Ababa University

March 15,2015

Credit : Dr. Dagnachew Assefa fan page on facebook
Credit : Dr. Dagnachew Assefa fan page on facebook

Dr. Dagnachew Assefa, notable professor of philosophy at Addis Ababa University which is the oldest institution of higher learning in Ethiopia, is reportedly dismissed from his tenure after seven years of service.

There has been rumor for weeks now that he would be dismissed from Addis Ababa University. Interview like message posted on his fan page on facebook confirms that Dr. Dagnachew is indeed dismissed from his professorial position at Addis Ababa University.

Based on the message, the immediate cause of his dismissal does seem to have something with controversy over denial of Sabbatical leave and contract renewal issue. However, the main cause for his dismissal is believed to be political with which Dr. Dagnachew himself seem to agree.

For years now, observers point out that Addis Abaaba University is reduced to a mere political political ground and cadre breading institution for the ruling EPRDF party which is under firm control of the chauvinistic Tigray Peoples Liberation Front.

A few months ago another professor was dismissed from the university on political grounds.

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