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Jawar Mohammed is reportedly indulged in $280,000 scandal

February 09,2015

Jawar and his partner  Source ethiomy
Jawar and his partner
Source ethiomy

Radical ethnic Oromo activist, Jawar Mohammed, is reportedly implicated in $280,000 scandal, according to a report published on ethiomy which in turn cited billisuma as a source.

The report apparently emerged out of what is described by publishers as “liked[leaked] memo” from Dr. Solomon Ungashe whom the source labelled as “one of the founders of the Oromo Media Network.”

Jawar Mohammed and his partner,Arfase, transferred only a sum of $20,000 out of $300,000 a fund which was raised for the purpose of supporting OMN (Oromia Media Network) – which many consider as a mouthpiece of radical ethnic politics Jawar was once hailed for.

To read full report from ethiomy, please click here



  1. Dear Dr. Solomon Ungashe,
    The allegation that Jawar and his wife set up a parallel org to siphon off more than a quarter of a million dollars is serious. First, the drawing of the charter should have been handled by a lawyer; trusting each other as Oromo and as friends is the first mistake in a series of missteps. Second, I believe the money could be retrieved [or else Jawar and wife could spend years behind bars] because contributors either paid by credit card or similar methods of payment with the understanding that their contributions are to be applied to a specific project, i.e., OMN. So go back and collect signatures of contributors attached to the original statement. This time make sure a lawyer of good standing handles the matter. Good luck

  2. No body with his right mid should consider what Solomon Ungashie aka (Sare Maaraatuu)is saying. He has been trying to control and manipulate Oromo Media and appear on Amhara Media to bad mouth Jawar Mahammod. The Sare Maaraatuu above somewhere in hiding leaking his wound inflicted on him by the astronomical success and articulation of Oromo issues by Jawaar Mohammad.

    In any measure they can’t be equal even the Sare Maaraatuu above thinks he is ten feet tall because of his Napoleonic complex crushed again by Jawaar. There is no evidence that Jawar stole any money except from what rebid dog is talking, and his Amhara fun club funning it for him to get traction. Zero chance give go home and rest just wait there to die that is God’s mercy for you.

  3. why would you all hassling each other? what can you all guys think for the sake of the Ethiopian people. we all are not leaving 2000 years so please leave the poor people alone.

  4. “He who asks is a fool for five minutes,but he who doesn’t ask remain a fool for ever”.Chinese Proverb!
    Ask yourselves!Don’t blame on JOWAR MOHAMED!This a political slander!

  5. This jawar fellow is backed by islamic fundamentalists. The sooner Abiy realizes this this and cracks down on terrorist like this, the better Ethiopia will be

  6. My motherland ETHIOPIA undoubtedly, will overcome these tough times, as she has always done, imposed by the ባንዳዎች:: (sale-outs) like Jawar Binladen Mohammed and Bekele Geriba who are being handled by the Pharaohs.
    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: እደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሄር::
    ኢትዮጵያ: በእግዚአብሔር; ሃይልና: መንፈስ: ቅዱ: ለሁል: ጊዜም; ተከብራ; በነፃነት: ለዘለዓለም: ትኖራለች:: አሜን:;


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