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Ethiopia : Fire broke out in Degha Stifanos monastery in Bahir Dar

January 14,2015

Image Credit : Dire Tube
Image Credit : Dire Tube

Fire reportedly broke out in Degha Stifanos monastery, one of the oldest monasteries of Ethiopia located in Lake Tana, biggest lake in Ethiopia and source of the Blue Nile in North Western Ethiopia.

Dagh Stifanos monastery is a small Island on its own with forests surrounding the monastery.

Daniel Kibret, widely read blogger among Ethiopians and author of many books, gave a brief update on his facebook page and on his blog, citing sources from the monastery, that the fire is cut off now in a way no to reach to the church and that police already arrived in the monastery.

So far no detail is available as to what caused the fire and as to when the fire broke out.

A few years back, fire destroyed a considerable part of the forest surrounding Zequala monastery is central Ethiopia.

Over the weekend, Taytu Hotel, the first hotel in Ethiopia was blazed.

It is apparent that destruction of artifacts and relics related to part of the Ethiopian identity and values is well underway systematically but constantly with the agency of different actors with malicious intents.



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