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Ethiopia : New proclamation to effect Structural change in Custom authority

by Dimetros Birku
January 2,2014

Custom authority logoIn a news update published earlier today, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia reported that a new proclamation affecting custom authority is in effect as of December 24,2014.

The new proclamation number 859/2014 is to replace proclamation Number 622/2009 which was apparently enacted sometime in 2009 and the new bill is said to have eight parts.

Why was the bill introduced and how is going to affect custom authority in Ethiopia? The bill is introduced because there emerged a, in the words of the ministry of foreign Affairs, “need for a more modern customs legal framework to support development of industries and investment.”

The bill is expected to bring about structural change in the custom authority and the new structure seem to be decentralized.

Top custom authorities Melaku Fente and his Deputy Gebrewahed Woldegiorgis were thrown to prison on alleged charges of corruption which many are doubting as they relate the case to political fall out as well.

The custom authority is surly one of the most corrupted department in the rampantly corrupt regime in power.

It remains to be seen whether decentralization of the authority will arrest corruption and ease process and help the manufacturing industry as claimed.

“Investors” from the Middle East, Africa and Asia are increasingly investing in manufacturing sector in Ethiopia – a process often times entailed other forms of exploitation to the downtrodden people including displacement from small landholdings



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