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Ethiopia : ” I am from Oromia, East Africa”

December 09,2014

What he has got in terms of Education might be something to be proud of. Yet, again one cannot help questioning the curriculum for “Black Studies” in Portland State University and/or his analytical skill.

how can a student of “Black Studies” passionately disown an identity that rather dared to inspire the spirit of resistance of against racial and colonial repression? The reality is he is born and raised in Ethiopia and he was introduced by the master of ceremonies as such.

In the podium, he washed of the introduction from the master of ceremonies and introduced himself as ” from Oromia, East Africa.” unfortunately, it’s not an aberration. It is a pattern of thinking among highly “educated” Oromigna speaking Ethiopians and they are mobilizing even at the grass root level down to the village and often times radicalizing it and with hate towards Ethiopians whom they consider are enemies. That way they are manufacturing disastrous conflict.

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