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The acme of evil ignorance : The Weyyane project for Ethiopia and the World,by Prof. Mesfin Wolde-Mariam

Source- Mesfin Wolde-Mariam Blog
Source- Mesfin Wolde-Mariam Blog

By Prof. Mesfin Wolde-Mariam
December 7,2014

Thirty to fifty years ago the TWINS, the shabia and the weyyane discovered that one of their formidable and impregnable enemies was RECORDED HISTORY. In their boundless ignorance they believed they could wipe out RECORDED HISTORY by destroying the books on Ethiopia. They started their destructive campaign in London and Washington DC. The University of London and the Library of Congress were, I believe, their first targets. This is a consequence mainly attributable to IGNORANCE.

Now that the TWINS are presumably incontestably in power they have resumed their campaign of destruction of accumulated knowledge. In Ethiopia the campaign started with the libraries in the Catholic Churches, The Municipality of Addis Abeba and perhaps in less known other organizations. Priceless books in these institutions and organizations were sold dirt-cheap by weight! Fortunately for Ethiopia their ignorance when combined with their greed led to a consequence partially opposite to their desired purpose of total destruction. Although some books were bought by those who would destroy them, some were also bought by those would preserve them.
Now the weyyane possessed by ignorance and greed attacked the most important treasure of the country: THE ETHIOPIAN NATIONAL LIBRARY. The ancient books in this library were sold at a price of ten Birr (US $0.50) per kilo. Is this not a crime against humanity? Are the Western Powers free from this crime? Does this not demonstrate the TOTALITARIAN TYRANNY under which the Ethiopian people live? Is this not a war against knowledge, against science? Is this not a war against human progress? Is this not a childish attempt to start Ethiopian, indeed Human, history like animals from zero? Is this not a solid proof for the fact that there are no universities in Ethiopia?

Jean Paul Sartre emphatically explains that every generation of all animals starts from zero with no accumulated experience to guide it. The weyyane project is to reduce all Ethiopians to their level of ignorance; however they fail to realize the universality of knowledge and science. Therefore, while they have American dollars, European Euros and English Pounds as well as Western war machines, they may believe they will succeed in keeping Ethiopians ignorant. Add to this the stifling of freedom of expression, internet, newspapers and other free and independent media there is surely a tremendous weight of ignorance on them; but they are not giving up the pursuit of knowledge. In fact the Project-Ignorance of the weyyane has become a challenge for Ethiopians to know more about themselves and the world. Today, thanks to the weyyane and the Derg there is inhabited continent where Ethiopians are not found.

Most of all the Weyyane Project forgets or ignores the fact that Ethiopia was a symbol of FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE and a BEACON OF HOPE as well as an INSPIRATION OF COURAGE. A proud history of a proud people standing solidly for thousands of years has been reduced to a mere collection of tribes who were forcefully united by Minilik. The Weyyane Project ignores or forgets the tumultuous Sixteen Century that brought challenges which the Ethiopian people converted into opportunities. It is these challenges and opportunities that shaped present-day Ethiopia. The Weyyane Project has no notion about the resilience of the Ethiopian people. If the weyyane live to regret their ignorance and their stupidity, they will witness the rise of Ethiopia with vengeance!

The above photographs of the covers of some of these priceless books are only a small sample of the consequence of the Weyyane Project making money by selling cheaply these books by weight.

Source : Mesfin Wolde-Mariam Blog



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