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Ethiopia : Father of gang-raped Hanna Lalango speaks out [with Audio]

November 22,2013

Zami FM 90.7,a local radio station known for its ferocious support of the regime in Ethiopia, aired what it described as words of gang-raped Hanna Lalongo’s father in a “special report edition.”

The audio material is published on Youtube by Yehabesha.

Unfortunately, words of the father from the interview does not seem to bring about much clarity to the confusion and information gap on the alleged, the court has not yet proved it beyond a reasonable doubt,case of Hanna’s gang rape.

The story which was circulating initially indicated that Hanna was found after the 5th day but in the interview with the father it seems that she was found in 11th day.

Another new account that emerged in the interview is that a girl friend of Hanna whom the father of Hanna described as close to the family is implicated in the gang-rape murder of Hanna.

The Father of gang-raped the late Hanna is identified as Lalango Hayiso.

In the first part of, he is quoted as saying “The news of the incident is correct. we had been waiting the girl[that the word of Lalango Hayiso] to come home from school. we didn’t find her at the time she [usually]comes. Thereafter we confirmed her disappearance and reported the case to police and other concerned bodies, and then we had to wait at home until God helps us and she is found. Then she was found in the 11th day and she phoned home.I was angry because I thought she disappeared deliberately. Yet again, as a father I had to take it easy, give phone number to my children and deployed them to where she was and they met her.It’s my children who know the story after that. After that I drove to Alert [hospital] ”

The news reader takes it from there and indicated that Hanna was found in the hospital in a very serious (a comma like state may describe what he said in Amharic) condition after which there emerges another story.

And then he is quoted for a second time as saying “…in Alert hospital I was told that it is a criminal case and was advised to immediately call police from Zenebuworq area to take statement from her and they will take her to Ghandi hospital. I managed to get a police in Zeneboqorq area and I begged them to go to the hospital where she was and take words from her [his daughter]. Then we went to Ghandi hospital. In Ghandi hospital, we registered the case for women and children affair as there was already a staff in place. Same night, I was sent to Tikur Anbessa Hospital but Tikur Anbessa hospital itself was unable to handle her condition. The the whole Sunday I had to move her from hospital to hospital and I did whatever was necessary. In the evening, I brought her home…”

Apparently, after that she was taken back to Ghandi and then to Zewuditu hospital where they had to wait for long because of big line up, according to the quoted words of Lalongo Hayiso. Hanna passed way after about 20 days, says the ‘father’

Six suspects were captured by police and Hanna identified three of them while she was in her hospital bed, according the the report.

He thanked for the way government handled the case of Hanna and the support from the public

Hanna was the sixth (last born) child according to the father.

Rape as in any other countries is not some thing new in Ethiopia and it is not condoned. However, the way the narrative of this rape case is handled sounds suspicious to many.

Meanwhile, the campaign “Justice for Hanna” is gaining momentum. Justice for Hanna campaigners announced on facebook page that there will be campaign in Tomorrow’s Great Run in Addis Ababa

This is believed to be Hanna's picture  Source -Justice for Hanna ፍትህ ለ ሀና Page on facebook
This is believed to be Hanna’s picture
Source -Justice for Hanna ፍትህ ለ ሀና Page on facebook


  1. They should castrate the bastards immediately and hand them in the public square.

    This would serve as a warning, that in the future, this is how we handle rapists.

    Or better yet, Hanna’s family should take care of the s.o.b.’s themselves.

    They will never be punished by the courts in Ethiopia because Ethiopia do not think that women matter.


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