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Ethiopian Diplomatic mission personnel opened fire in embassy premise in Washington DC

Dimetros Birku
September 30,2014

Washington – A man who works for Ethiopian diplomatic mission in the US opened fire in the embassy premise in Northwest Washington DC yesterday.

A video released by Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) captured the incident virtually in its entirety. According to ESAT report, Ethiopians in Washington DC area were staging peaceful demonstration in front of Ethiopian Embassy in Washington opposing fresh massacre in Ogaden, in South Eastern Ethiopia. At some point, a group of demonstrators managed to sneak to the embassy premise and loud their voices against the government of Ethiopia against intensifying repression in the country and fresh massacre. It was during this time that one of the embassy personnel drew a handgun and started firing.

Reuters reported that at least four gunshots were heard. One bullet hit a windshield of parked car.

Defiant demonstrators were not intimidated at all and they even stormed into the building and occupied the embassy momentarily.

A very dramatic scene occurred when the protestors lowered and removed the controversial Ethiopian flag which is only as old as the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front and replaced it with the age old Ethiopian flag.

Citing Spokesman for U.S. Secret Service, Reuters reported that Secret Service “had detained a possible shooter after a report at about 12:15 p.m. EDT that shots were fired near the embassy in northwest Washington, D.C.” Apparently, the shooter is released after interrogation.

Many criticized the embassy for what they say is a total failure in controlling a peaceful crowed simply by calling the police instead of opening fire. The shooter is identified as Solomon wodi Woyani

The Ethiopian Embassy in the US is criticized by Ethiopians for filling the embassy positions predominantly with members of the ethnic Tigray’s people Liberation Front (TPLF). In recent years following the death of Meles Zenawi, the Ambassadorial position is given to a member of other political entities with in the ruling coalition EPRDF which is a total subservient of TPLF.



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