Ethiopia: Rituals and relics in land of two halves

By Jim Eagles Ethiopians are happy to share their traditions, whether it’s marriage rituals or the mysteries of churches carved into solid rock, writes Jim Eagles. (The New Zeland Herald) I’m scrambling as fast as I can up a rough track, through a wilderness of sand and thorn trees in southern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, trying […]

The Great Ethiopian Run: An Addis Ababa carnival

Michael Kerr joins the colourful, 37,000-strong street party that is the annual Great Ethiopian Run Michael Kerr (The Telegraph) Under the mid-morning sun in Ethiopia, a van loaded with bottles of water was being besieged. The workers inside it, unable to dispense bottles quickly enough, had to resort now and again to sliding the windows […]

Ethiopia – Bale Mountains National Park

(Wintertale)Over New Year this year we went to Ethiopia, our first visit to the Horn of Africa, to visit the Bale Mountains National Park and Lake Langano, one of the Rift Valley lakes in Ethiopia. The visit to Bale Mountains National Park was particularly anticipated – we have had the park on the “must visit” […]