The remarkable story of Ethiopian tour guide Firew Ayele

(The West Australian) When Ethiopian Firew Ayele was nine years old, he was captured by soldiers from neighbouring Somalia, and spent more than 10 years as a prisoner. Today, he is 43 years old and one of the most respected tourist guides in Ethiopia. The company he owns and runs with wife Senait employs up […]

ETHIOPIA: Untapped Tourist Destination

ETHIOPIA: Untapped Tourist Destination

(Africa Day) Ethiopia has an unequaled range of natural habitats, ranging from the extraordinary peaks and ambas (flat-topped summits) of the Simien Mountains at over 4,000 meters, to the Danakil Depression, 120 meters below sea-level, one of the lowest points as well as the hottest place on Earth. There are Afro-Alpine highlands, moors and mountains, […]

How Ethiopian Men Win A Girl

(SpyGhana)Most women would be happy with a bunch of flowers and a candlelit supper but the ladies of the Surma tribe aren’t your average females. For their men, the only way to leave a lasting impression is by engaging in brutal stick fights that injure some but leave others dead. Although men aren’t compensated if […]

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