Global craving for ancient Ethiopian grain offers opportunities, pitfalls

Teff is heralded as superfood, as Addis Ababa tries to ensure local population isn’t adversely affected

Global craving for ancient Ethiopian grain offers opportunities, pitfalls

Aljazeera by James Jeffrey April 25, 2015 ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Six days a week, an Ethiopian Airlines flight departs for Washington, D.C., with a fresh batch of 3,000 injera on board. This pancake-shaped pale spongy bread is a centuries-old Ethiopian staple made from teff, an indigenous tiny grain now making a global name for […]

Will Ethiopia’s teff be the next ‘super grain’?

BBC By James Jeffrey Addis Ababa, Ethiopia April 2,2015 Under a bright blue sky, a farmer in a sleeveless red jumper is encouraging his five oxen to stamp on piles of dried grass, to help dislodge the seeds. Nearby, other farm workers are using pitchforks to do the same job, throwing the grass into the […]

US chemical giant to make business conquest in Agribusiness in Ethiopia

A report by World News Report indicates that A US giant Chemical company is venturing to  Agribusiness in  Ethiopia Dow ((NYSE: DOW)  is a US company that, in its own words,”combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress.” The company is eying teff, Ethiopia ‘s staple crop, as […]

Clueless Hailemariam and the British hand in Ethiopia

By Dimetros Birku borkena Holding supposedly highest political office and being virtually inconsequential is obviously frustrating, more so for people who expected change –so to speak. It is in that light that I gave a room for speculative interpretation to unelaborated recent status update from a facebook friend: “Obama is an American fraud.” Apparently, Obama […]