Ethiopia : Uprising in Bure, Gojjam

August 26,2016 ESAT coverage of developments in Bure Massive uprising broke out this morning in Bure town, Gojjam, of the Amhara regional state. Protest opposed TPLF government and targeted business entities that belong to Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) – member of the ruling coalition which many consider to be sham. According to ESAT report, […]

Ethiopia : An omen of impending purger within EPRDF?

August 9,2016 For a long time now, it is apparent that there is widely held political belief, and there is a logic behind it, among Ethiopians that EPRDF (Ethiopian People Revolutionary Front) is a cover organization and the country is rather under the tyranny of Tigray People Liberation Front – which is theoretically simply a […]

Ethiopia: Dismissal,arrest likely political

Ethiopia: Dismissal,arrest likely political

Government-owned media outlets in Ethiopia broke the news of dismissals and arrests of Ethiopian government minister and senior government officials Ethiopia News May 13,2013 Berhane Hailu, now former minister of Justice, is said to have received letter of dismissal singed by Hailemariam Desalegne, Ethiopian prime minister who took over power after Meles Zenawi passed away […]