Land Lease Limitations

Land Lease Limitations

Ettrbeek is a sub-city in Brussels, Belgium, where quite a number of foreign migrants reside. One day last week, I was sitting outside a cafe in the sub when a lonely man came to sit by me. Judging by his complexion, I knew he was a man of “my own country”. We soon struck a […]

Ethiopia: Where conscience is constantly on trial

By Awol K Allo A high profile trial against protest leaders – intellectuals, activists and elected members of “The Ethiopian Muslim Arbitration Committee” – is shaking the Ethiopian political landscape. The government argues that the accused harbour “extreme” Islamic ideologies. It accuses them of conspiracy with terrorist groups to overthrow the government and establish an […]

The Relationship is the Basis for the Definition

by Stuart Shepard Eighteen states have now redefined marriage to be something other than what it is. Popular media says anyone who opposes the change is guilty of “discrimination.” But let’s think about that: The argument to redefine marriage only makes sense if you see it as one of many contracts available for two or […]

The Hypocrisy of the West: Eritrea & Crimea

by Messay Kebede The West is deploring the referendum in Crimea and threatening to apply economic sanctions against Russia, believed to be the instigator of the unfolding Ukrainian crisis. Some Western politicians even go the extent of advocating direct military aid so that Ukraine can oppose military resistance to the Russian aggression. The referendum, which […]

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