The Devaluation of the Birr: A Layman’s Guide , By Seid Hassan

By Seid Hassan, Murray State University August 1, 2014 Hitherto, I have been reluctant to post a commentary regarding the World Bank’s suggested birr devaluation measure which is still being debated as we speak. I was reluctant partly because my highly received 2010 commentary addressed many of the issues that seem new today and partly […]

Response to William’s “Oromo nationalism on the rise in Ethiopia”

By Dimetros Birku It is only reasonable to expect presentations and/or reports riddled with misconceptions, inaccuracies and biases when foreigners write on a topic as complicated as “Oromo question.” William Davison demonstrated all those in his “Indepth report” headlined “Oromo nationalism on the rise in Ethiopia,” which is published,first, on Aljazeera. Whether they are deliberate […]

Oromo nationalism on the rise in Ethiopia , By William Davison

Protests and online activism in recent months have brought a resurgence of ethnic Oromo nationalism in Ethiopia. By William Davison Source: Aljazeera Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Aslan Hasan, a student belonging to the Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia, was called either a guilt-ridden terrorist who committed suicide or an innocent victim of brutal state repression, […]

Do not devalue the Birr:: Ignore the World Bank By Tecola W Hagos

By Tecola W Hagos July 25, 2014 Washington DC The recent poisoned advice from the World Bank to devalue the Birr by another 10% is a sure process of killing the Ethiopian economy for good. What they are attempting is to get at China through such pariah-nibbling at small economies around the world where China […]