Cyber Insecurity : What we don’t know about Canada ’s digital spy agency

A good measure of internet users are familiar about cyber surveillance by US spy agency -NSA. In addition to cyber activities including chatting, email communication and activities on social media, phone conversation is subject to eavesdropping. Cyber insecurity is not limited to the US, apparently. Canada, unsurprisingly,as it seem to be increasingly adopting US style […]

“Unexpected Cuba”

Following the collapse of USSR many of members of COMECON in Eastern Europe fall prey to the predator: Capitalism at the time taking a global form and had to adopt numerous economic policies, adhering to prescriptions of the Bretton Woods institutions, along the lines of “liberalization and privatization.” Yet, the fundamental paradigm shift which was […]

The violent arrival of Woyane

By Yilma Bekele Abugida October 1,2014 We Ethiopians witnessed what those that control our country are capable of doing to unarmed citizens. I am sure the action of the TPLF solder in front of their Embassy in Washington DC is the talk of the town. It is unfortunate that we are not equipped to discuss […]