Isaias Afwerki’s political pilgrimage to Sudan

Having watched president Isaias’ adventurous video clip featuring his 2000 kms road trip to Sudan, it’s not easy not to ponder what he is trying to achieve out of what looks like a political pilgrimage and cultural diplomatic mission at the same time. Despite all the allegations, on a personal level, and looking at it […]

Ethiopia: Where is Religious Freedom Headed?

Ethiopia: Where is Religious Freedom Headed?

By Alemayehu Fentaw Weldemariam – TRANSCEND Media Service The fear of an Ethiopian Spring has to be factored in the internal security matrix of a dictatorial regime such as Ethiopia’s, since the populist “spring” events in the MENA region have proven to be a potent means of removing dictatorships in North Africa.  The lesson is […]

Narrative of “Progress”

This commentary was meant to be a facebook status update. Some times is good to embrace spontaneity and it is shared here without any profound change. *** In the interest of slaking Facebook (which proved to be an important invention of controlling mechanism in power relation of this era  – I mean if you dare […]