Ethiopia: ESAT, its interview with Isayas Afeworki and critics

Dimetros Birku February 16,2015 It took forever for ESAT (Ethiopia Satellite Television) to release the interview with Eritrean President which was conducted in Eritrea during what seemed like a “fact finding” journalistic crusade by two members of ESAT’s journalists, Fasil Yenealem and Messay Mekonnen. I was wondering as to why it took the time it […]

Ethiopia : Are Educated People Asset or Enemies of Economic Development? Conflict between Principle and Practice in Ethiopia.

By Mesfin Mulugeta Woldegiorgis February 16,2015 In the article below Mesfin sets out to review what he thinks is education sector changes and challenges in Ethiopia. Mesfin thinks, among other things, that corruption, lack of interest in innovation,hopelessness and arrogance in the work place, problem with rule of law and work culture are some […]

Ethiopia : visions of the final battle. By Yilma Bekele

Abugida by Yilma Bekele February 4,2015 We all should thank the Central Committee of Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front for making things a little clearer in our country. When election season is close the TPLF removes all pretenses and makes itself visible to the citizen of Ethiopia. The picture is not pretty. Their latest bold move […]

The Invention of Ethnic Politics – Messay Kebede

By Messay Kebede (Phd) Published on Abugida Take a random group of Ethiopians as you find them in any public place. You will never hear them defining themselves by a single characteristic. If you ask one of them how a person is defined, he/she will say that a person is defined by age, gender, class, […]