Top 10 reasons why many Egyptians will vote for Sisi

by Tawfik Hamid General Abdul Fattah el-Sisi has won most of the votes of Egyptians who live overseas. And many feel he is likely to dominate the upcoming presidential election on May 26-27. There are a number of reasons why these Egyptians believe Sisi may be the right choice for the top job. First, many […]

The forgotten Hailemedhin – revolutionary trait

The forgotten Hailemedhin – revolutionary trait

It is quite visible that leading a “good or better life” is an ambition millions of young people the world over pursue religiously with consistent dedication up to a certain point.The questions as to what the measure of “good life/better life” and as to what constitutes “good life/better life” are certainly disputable on philosophical grounds. […]

The Evolving Dynamic of China-Africa Relations, By Chen Jimin

China must make strategic decisions and invest wisely to promote the continued prosperity of the China-Africa relationship. By Chen Jimin (The Diplomat) From May 4 to11 this year, China’s Premier Li Keqiang paid official visits to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya, while visiting the African Union headquarters and attending the World Economic Forum on Africa. […]

My Takes on the Ethiopian Dam and the Addis Ababa Master Plan, Messay Kebede

By Messay Kebede, PhD The issue of the so-called “Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam” has proven very tricky for all those Ethiopians who oppose the present regime. On the one hand, no Ethiopian wants to see Ethiopia’s right to use the waters of Nile for its own development contested so that any interference from external countries […]