The Hypocrisy of the West: Eritrea & Crimea

by Messay Kebede The West is deploring the referendum in Crimea and threatening to apply economic sanctions against Russia, believed to be the instigator of the unfolding Ukrainian crisis. Some Western politicians even go the extent of advocating direct military aid so that Ukraine can oppose military resistance to the Russian aggression. The referendum, which […]

Exceptions to the democratic rule

Sweden is not Ethiopia, but pretending that they have nothing in common does no one any favours. by Christian Christensen   ( Aljazeera ) In 2012, after having been sentenced to 11 years in prison for “terrorism” for illegally entering Ethiopia from Somalia in the presence of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, Swedish journalists Johan […]

The Case for Corruption

Why Washington needs more honest graft “… in most political systems, the right amount of corruption is greater than zero. Leaders need to be able to reward followers and punish turncoats and free agents. Sometimes that will look sleazy, undemocratic, or both, but it is often better than the alternatives.” Jonathan Rauch (The Atlantic ) […]

Ethiopia : Understand the hijack for what it is

News of hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane bound to Rome broke yesterday. Hijack is not something very strange even in the aviation history of Ethiopian Airlines. Perhaps what is strange, not just in Ethiopian aviation history but also in the aviation history of commercial flights, is a hijack carried out by a co-pilot. Why would a […]