PM: Deadlock in negotiations over dam not to serve Egypt, Ethiopia

(State Information Service) Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawy said that the real support for the future road map came from the people, who are the main pillar of achieving stability during the current transitional stage, adding that in the meantime, the world support for Egypt’s stance shows the strength of the state. He also asserted that […]

Ethiopia: US Withdraws Funding from Land Grabbing in Ethiopia

(culturalsurvival) After Cultural Survival supporters sent thousands of emails via our and other websites to the US government to urge it to cease funding the forced eviction Ethiopia’s Indigenous Peoples from their lands, the US government took a stance this year in the 2014 Omnibus Appropriations Bill. The bill provides that no US funds can […]

Prof Galeydh televises that Khatumo State will join to Ethiopia..

(Suna Times) Prof. Ali Khaliif Galeydh has given an interview to the Universal TV. He has indirectly publicized Khatumo State’s intention to join Abyssinian mainland if the Somalis do not understand Khatumo’s continuous struggle for Somalihood, which he said they stacked to, so long times. Incredibly, Professor’s speech could not be swallowed as easier as […]

Ethiopian Adoption has now a Yahoo listing group

(Borkena) “Ethiopian Adoption” has now a yahoo listing group. From the description, it seems the yahoo group is intended for Adopting parents and prospective parents with Children from Ethiopia. The group claims that the purpose is to share information for about Ethiopian culture and to network with adopting families. The group has strict regulation of […]