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Stay informed with Latest Ethiopian News, opinion, and analysis on Current Affairs and Ethiopian politics. Apart from providing timely news, political, social, economic and cultural news and views are analyzed. Read Ethiopian News in English.

The principal and only mission of borkena is to inform Ethiopians about developments in Ethiopia. As they say, information could be power but for it to be “power”, it needs to be accurate, balanced and based on informed the analysis. Ethiopian News needs to be reported in a way to help readers understand it , and that it where borkena comes in as we consistently strive to do so.

We have a passion to engage our readers and we encourage them as well to be active and share their thoughts and opinion. Readers can send pitches and submissions on topics ranging from political to social, economic to cultural and what not. We will be very pleased to feature your opinion piece.

borkena Ethiopian News has is also offering business news in a way to inform audience with investment interest in Ethiopia. Whether it is travel, manufacturing, housing, banking, we will provide you with informed and timely news.

Finally, we would like you to understand that while we relentlessly strive to provide accurate information, we are not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information and we are not liable in any way.