Armed priest in Ethiopia and the political context of it

August 27,2016 It is not uncommon to see pictures in social media that pretty much capture the state of Ethiopian politics. But the last thing one would expect is to see picture of a priest armed with AK-47 (see above) stretching out his cross for another priest to kiss it. The picture, it is shared […]

Ethiopia : Uprising in Bure, Gojjam

August 26,2016 ESAT coverage of developments in Bure Massive uprising broke out this morning in Bure town, Gojjam, of the Amhara regional state. Protest opposed TPLF government and targeted business entities that belong to Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) – member of the ruling coalition which many consider to be sham. According to ESAT report, […]

Strange regulation targets visitors from Amahra region of Ethiopia

August 25,2015 Politics in Ethiopia is evolving in a very strange way. News emerged today from Ethiopians in social media is puzzling and troubling at the same time to Ethiopians. Authorities seem to have circulated new rules for hotel owners, big or small, in Addis Ababa. If guests are from Amhara region of Ethiopia, hotels […]