Oromo Liberation Front opposed land give away to Sudan

December 30,2015 Oromo Liberation Front under Ibsa Dawud and Oromo Liberation Front under Kemal Gelchu opposed land given away to and border demarcation with Sudan. The two organizations joined Fifty four other organizations to appeal to the United Nations in opposition of Ethiopian ruling party’s illegal land deal with Sudan, reported Ethiopian Satellite Television. Ethiopian […]

Oromo Federalist Congress figures arrested

December 25,2015 Opposition figures in Oromo Federalist Congress, one of the registered opposition parties in Ethiopia,are reportedly arrested yesterday. The news was widely circulated in social media after Ethiopian Satellite Television reported about it in a breaking news coverage. Top officials within the Oromo Federalist congress parties confirmed the news. Bekele Gerba, vice president of […]

Blood and terror in Ethiopia as protests sweep the streets : AFP

By Justine Boulo AFP via Yahoo Published on December 22,2015 Wolenkomi (Ethiopia) (AFP) – Two lifeless bodies lay on the ground as the terrified crowd, armed only with sticks against gun-toting Ethiopian security forces, fled the fierce crackdown on protesters. Blood seeped through a sheet covering one of the bodies on the road outside Wolenkomi, […]

Ethiopia : bomb exploded at Anwar Mosque during peaceful demonstration (Video)

December 11,2015 This video which purportedly captures the incident is circulating in social media Grenade exploded at the Grand Anwar Mosque in Addis Ababa earlier today. The explosion came midst a peaceful demonstration with a big crowed. Report by Reuters agent from Addis Ababa indicated that grenade attack took place soon after the Friday prayer […]