ISIS beheaded Ethiopian Christians in Libya

April 19,2015 Video image purportedly showing Ethiopian Christians being led to where they were beheaded, in Libya, by ISIS. The Ethiopians are reportedly killed by ISIS. The report emerged earlier today and is covered by the Associated Press and Aljazeera, among others A few months back, ISIS massacred Egyptians Christians which the government of Egypt […]

Over 250,000 East African refugees trapped in Yemen : Aljazeera

Many refugees and asylum-seekers from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea say they have nowhere else to go

Aljazeera April 18, 2015 by Michael Pizzi Tens of thousands of East African refugees and asylum-seekers are at risk of being left behind in Yemen’s roiling violence, deprived not only of safe options for evacuation but also of a home country that might take them in, activists and U.N. officials said this week. Since pitched […]

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