Aljazeera Q&A : The man smuggling Ethiopians to Europe

Al Jazeera speaks to 'Ahmed,' a well-known people smuggler used by many young Ethiopians searching for a new life.

Aljazeera Published on April 29,2015 The number of deaths of migrants attempting the perilous journey to Europe in search of a better life has dramatically increased over the past few months. Al Jazeera spoke to ‘Ahmed,’ a well known people trafficking broker who many young Ethiopians in Addis Ababa have used to try and get […]

Adera – New Song dedicated to Ethiopians killed in Libya, South Africa and Yemen

Adera !

April 29,2015 The incidents that claimed the lives of innocent Ethiopian immigrants in Libya, South Africa and Yemen will undoubtedly linger in the memories of Ethiopians for years to come. Besides the horrifying nature of the incidents, the very factors that compelled young Ethiopians to leave their beloved country, family and friends behind, which is […]

[Amharic] Getnet Eneyew – Finally bold and furious

Getnet Eneyew got Ethiopians on social media talking. Furious and bold, Ethiopian Artist Getnet Eneyewu blatantly looks inward and laments tragedy in Libya in his poem which he read out in the presence of Ethiopian high ranking officials. He seem to think that we let things happen – and spoke out against parochialism and greed. […]

‘I watched IS beheading Christians’, says an Eritrean teenager

EXCLUSIVE: IBTimes UK talks to Nael Goitom, who escaped IS in Libya after a month in captivity.

April 23, 2015 International Business Times, a publisher headquartered in New York, claimed to have exclusive interview with Eritrean teen who happened to be at the death scene in the final moments of Ethiopian Christians beheaded and shot in the hands of hands of ISIS in Libya. “They made me watch everything,” said Nael Goitom […]