Defiant and graceful Gondar protest demanded an end to TPLF rule over Ethiopia

July 31, 2016 Video credit ESAT Despite the town of Gonder fell under siege following heavy deployment of defense force, defiant and graceful Gonder protest is carried out as planned this morning. While demonstrators were loud and clear in their demands, civility and political maturity were clearly the hallmarks of the movement. No vandalism, no […]

Ethiopia : Gonder ready to stage Demonstration this Sunday

July 29,2016 Gonder is set to stage peaceful demonstration this Sunday -July 31,2016. The purpose is to demand the release of committee member of “Wolqaite Question” whom the government threw to prison with allegations of “terrorism.” It it not like the question is now relegated to “release prisoners.” The popular movement is demanding the release […]

A former Chief of Staff calls for peaceful and orderly transition in Ethiopia

ESAT Published on July 26,2016 The former chief of staff of the Ethiopian armed forces Let. General Tsadkan Gebre Tensay who warned that the status quo in Ethiopia could lead to total chaos called for a smooth and peaceful transition to a democratic government. The general who wrote a long article analyzing the state of […]

Resurgence of protest in Oromia region of Ethiopia

July 26,2016 Source -Social media Renewed protest is reportedly rocking Oromia region of Ethiopia. Arsi zone of the region which is located to the South of the capital, Addis Ababa, experienced violent protest earlier today. Unverified video circulating in soical media seem to show that mechanized farming that is said to be owned by Saudi […]