Mulugeta Lule – renowned Ethiopian journalist suddenly passed away in the US

October 5,2015 Renowned Ethiopian journalist Mulugeta Lule – passed away, reported ESAT a few hours ago in a breaking news coverage. Although not confirmed, there are rumors that Mulugeta succumbed to cardiac arrest. Mulugeta lule served as journalist and as high ranking authority in what was the Ministry of Information under government before ruling TPLF […]

How did Ethiopia fared on 2015 social progress index?

September 25,2015 Ethiopia is ranked 126th from 133 countries – ahead of Afghanistan,Angola,Chad,Yemen,Central African Republic,Guinea and Niger. The report is released this week by Deloitte Canada- a private firm. Executive summary from the entity that conducted the study asserted that “… it is increasingly evident that a model of development based on economic progress alone […]