Ethiopia : Colonel Demeke Zewdu to appear before court

July 19,2016 Colonel Demeke Zewdu who was a member of Wolqaite Question committee is to appear before court for homicide according to sources who seem to have informants from Gondar, a city which was battling with government security forces for more than a week now. From the sources, it seems that Colonel Zewdu will not […]

Gonder unrest in North Western Ethiopia intensified

July 17,2016 Popular riot in Gonder, North Western Ethiopia,is not showing omens of ease. Five days after its outbreak, confrontation between residents of Gondar and security forces is said to be escalated. According to eye witness accounts which ended up in social media, there was an intense exchange of fire in Gondar and other smaller […]

Now it is Gonder that is under military attack from the regime in Ethiopia

Updated on July 14,2016 Published July 13,2016 For more than twenty years now, the way the regime in Ethiopia survived is simply by sheer use of force and violent repression. Many cases could be cited as an example. Just a few months ago, a crackdown was mounted in the Oromo speaking parts of Ethiopia following […]