Ethiopia : Dr Birhanu Nega met Ethiopian rebels in Eritrea

July 20,2015 After a week or so of rumor, it’s confirmed that Dr. Birhanu Nega, Chairman of Ginbot 7 movement, is in Eritrea. Dr. Birhanu was elected as mayor of Addis Ababa during the 2005 Ethiopian election and was then thrown to jail along with other members of Kinijit opposition coalition leaders who swept the […]

American Lawyer sued Ethiopian government

July 17,2015 Nick Cardosso, staff lawyer of Electronic Frontier Foundation Staff Attorney , San Francisco based civil Liberties group dedicated to protecting Free speech and privacy on the internet, sued Ethiopian government. Why? Government of Ethiopia installed Finfisher malware in Mr. Kidane’s, Ethiopian American who lives in Silver Spring, computer to wiretap his skype call,to […]

Ethiopian gov.t plotting grenade attack in urban centers : ESAT

July 12,2015 Ethiopian government is plotting grenade attack in urban centers in Ethiopia, reported Ethiopian Satellite Television in its breaking news coverage this afternoon. The report cited sources from Ethiopian intelligence sources anonymously. Market places, public meeting and places of sporting activities are identified as areas to carry out the grenade attack and the plan […]