Ethiopia : An omen of impending purger within EPRDF?

August 9,2016 For a long time now, it is apparent that there is widely held political belief, and there is a logic behind it, among Ethiopians that EPRDF (Ethiopian People Revolutionary Front) is a cover organization and the country is rather under the tyranny of Tigray People Liberation Front – which is theoretically simply a […]

At least 63 killed and well over 100 wounded in Ethiopia since yesterday

August 8, 2016 Documented figures by different political party officials and eye witness accounts indicate that at least Sixty-three civilians are killed and over hundred are wounded in connection with peaceful protest that happened in Ethiopia since Saturday. Today, Voice of America Amharic Service spoke to locals in Bahir Dar, opposition party officials and government […]

Unprecedented demonstrations planned for August 6 and 7 in Ethiopia

August 5,2016 Unprecedented demonstrations are planned for August 6 and 7 across many towns in Oromo regions of Ethiopia. Similar demonstrations are planned in Bahir Dar City and Debre Tabor in Amhara regions of Ethiopia. Information emerging in social media suggest that preparations for the demonstrations are finalized in the above mentioned parts of Ethiopia. […]