British police allegedly captured TPLF man with £5 million cash at Gatwick airport

August 18,2015 A person who is said to be member of Tigray Peoples Liberation Front -the heavyweight in the ruling coalition of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front ( EPRDF)- is allegedly captured by British police at Gatwick airport for illegal act-according to Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) report. According to the report, the unnamed person is […]

Ethiopia stowaway gets to Sweden in airliner’s hold

BBC Published on August 14,2014 An Ethiopian man hoping to get asylum in Sweden has been found in the hold of an airliner after a flight from Addis Ababa to Stockholm. He was handed over to Swedish police after a medical check at Arlanda airport. His health is said to be good. The hold of […]

Ethiopia : Barrack Obama in Addis Ababa for three days visit

July 26,2015 US president Barrack Obama arrived at Bole International Air Port, Addis Ababa,a few hours ago to a cloudy sky marked with rainbow, something Ethiopians tend to relate to spirituality. In fact, rainbow is called “Ye Maryam Mekenet” literally a long scarf like piece used by the Virgin Mary. Obama left for Addis earlier […]