Ethiopia : Ministry misinformed a generation for a decade about Ras Dejen Mountain

September 18,2016 Toronto – With no doubt,one of the most popular tourist attraction in Ethiopian is Ras Dejen mountain – a part of Semien mountain Massif in Gondar province of Amhara regional state, North Western Ethiopia. Standing 4550 meters high above sea level, possibly the hardest thing for one to mistake to mistake its location […]

Ethiopia : Gonder fire ; entire market with 420 stores reduced to ashes

September 16,2016 Toronto – A fire in Gonder city completely destroyed one of the oldest markets in the city known as Kidame Gebeya. The fire broke out yesterday in the evening around 10 pm local time. It is confirmed that four hundred twenty stores are reduced to ashes. Estimate of property damage is not yet […]

Tension in Konso, Ethiopia

14 people reported killed

September 14,2016 Toronto – Civilians killed following Tension in Konso, Ethiopia. At least 14 people are killed in the past couple of days in Konso area of Southern regional state of Ethiopia – according to Gemechu Gense , an elected committee member of of Konso. In an interview he gave to Voice of America Amharic […]