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Information is power and that is why we take providing you with accurate and timely Ethiopia News and informed opinion seriously.We have been providing Ethiopian news in English for years with dedication.

Developing news and /or news contents are enriched with background and context in an effort to help readers-especially those who are not familiar to political situation or the history of Ethiopia Ethiopia – fully grasp the story.

We constantly engage citizen reporters on the ground from Ethiopia, on social media and other platforms, as part of the commitment to provide timely news and first-hand information to borkena audience.

We also monitor Ethiopian state and affiliated media to get stories but we report them based on through investigation, and without excluding background and context (political, social or economic – as appropriate) to it.

While we take pride in our absolute commitment to providing accurate news and information, we do not take responsibility and we are not liable if the coverage turns out to be incorrect.

We encourage our readers from Ethiopia (or elsewhere) to send us information including videos and photos. We assure you that we will investigate them and report the truth about them.