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Ethiopian government awards 12 media outlets 

Ethiopian government _ media award
Most of the Media outlets that Ethiopian government awarded are state-owned (Photo : PD)


Toronto – Human Rights Organizations and organizations like Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) have been accusing Abiy Ahmed’s administration in connection with media crackdown and the arrest of journalists only for doing their job. 

Abiy Ahmed’s government seems to be making an effort to paint a different picture while hailing media outlets that seem to support his government.  On Wednesday, he awarded 12 media outlets in an event organized under the theme “Media for the Nation 2016.” 

Many of the recipients of the recognition are state-owned media outlets. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate ( EBC), Ethiopian Press Enterprise, Oromia Broadcasting Network, Amhara media corporation, Addis Media Network, Fana Broadcasting Corporate, Walta Media and Communications, Ethiopia News Agency (ENA) and Ethiopian Broadcasting Service – all of them state-owned. 

From Private media – Sheger Radio, Fortune News Paper, Awash FM, Dire Tube and TikVah Ethiopia are among private media organizations included in the award. The last two are digital media outlets. 

Abiy Ahmed himself handed over the award. His government threw many journalists behind bars. Although some were released following the end of the state of emergency, there are still journalists in jail. 

Over the past few years, his government spent billions of birr on the modernizations of state-owned media – like Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporations – facilities with the hope that they will help dominant narratives to support his government. Despite a noticeable consistency as propaganda outlets for the government, many of the government media outlets still struggle with credibility crisis. 


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  1. All of you should join my family and I to congratulate our golden son/brother Biniam Girmay for his victories in Stages of the Tour de France. It is a defining victory and a defining moment for all Africans. I felt the same overwhelming joy and pride when my late adoptee uncle in the former British Aden Protectorate woke me up in that historic day in 1960 and told me the victory by Obbo Abebe Bikila at the marathon in Rome. Let’s all root for our gallant son/brother Biniam in the remainder Stages of the Tour de France. He is the Jewel of Africa. He should be honored by the AU!!!

  2. “Media for the Nation 2016?” I thought this was 2024! Poor Borkena editors, See what happens when you think in Amharic and write in English?

    “Media for the Nation 2016” is a bankrupt idea to begin with. Media is/ought to be for Truth! Media is/ought to be for freedom of thought! Stop rewarding/awarding media that sing praises of Abiy–Abiy with all his dreamy lies.


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