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Yet Again the TPLF Aggression Against the Amhara Community: Solidifying the Regional Fano forces and the general community

TPLF _ Amhara _ Ethiopia
TPLF has been claiming Wolkait and Telemet areas of Gondar as “western Tigray.” The U.S. government, which supported the TPLF during its guerrilla war leading to take over of power in 1991 and when it was in power until it was removed in 2018, supports TPLF’s claim.

By Tulu Forsa

The TPLF has once again made headlines for its aggression against the Amhara community, which it had annexed parts of Amhara region for three decades but was reclaimed by Fano forces during its conflict with the federal government. Following a peace agreement with the federal government, the restoration of constitutional order imposed by the TPLF is now a priority. The constitution is nothing but made for TPLF/OLF elites to make the best of their divisive agenda.

The unexpected collaboration between the TPLF and the federal government having fought a fierce battle against the Amhara region has inadvertently unified and strengthened the region, as it stands united in resisting all ethno-nationalist elites. The Amhara forces, led by Fano, are prepared to fight back, but it was all the same  facing internal challenges as splinter groups within the Amhara special forces realigned by the regional government as anti-riot forces. These groups are now joining the Fano forces, while even government militias question the federal government’s decision to align with the TPLF, the former enemy, instead of supporting the Fano forces that aided in their victory towards a secured Ethiopia.

Now ultimately, the core issue lies in dismantling all ethno-nationalist movements, particularly the TPLF and OLF, as well as addressing the incumbent’s actions that threaten the unity of Ethiopia and its foundation. The misguided belief and false propaganda of the ethno-nationalists that the nation is solely defined by the Amhara and exists for the Amhara people must be dispelled in order to build a truly inclusive and united Ethiopia.

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