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Ethiopian Coup Plot Unveiled: Ex-Defense Chief Tsadkan Gebretensae Allegedly Involved

Ethiopian Coup  _ Tsadkan Gebretensae _ Ethiopian News
Tsadkan Gebretensae is allegedly involved in Ethiopian Coup the prime minister was talking about last Thursday (Photo : File/SM)


Toronto – Credible Ethiopian local news sources are reporting details about a planned coup d’état mentioned by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during his address to parliamentarians last Thursday.

Tsadkan Gebretensae, a former Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) combatant, commander, and later Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff after the TPLF’s rise to power in Addis Ababa, is linked to the alleged coup plot. He is currently in the United States.

Tsadkan was one of the key negotiators of the TPLF during the Pretoria talks with the Abiy Ahmed-led government that led to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement signed on November 22, 2022.

According to Ethio News, a TPLF faction known as the Adwa group is alerting the Abiy Ahmed government about the alleged coup. Tsadkan Gebretensae is allegedly having conversations with contacts in Ethiopia about the plot, and the TPLF faction mentioned is reportedly warning the Ethiopian government not to allow him to return to the country. His alleged contacts within the military and the government structure are unspecified.

The Adwa group reportedly has issues with Tsadkan due to his views during the Pretoria negotiations, where he blamed the TPLF for the outbreak of the two-year war that claimed nearly one million lives. However, no other sources have reported this at the time of writing. The TPLF has a tradition of strategically using misleading information to pursue its political goals.

What makes this allegation notable is that Abiy Ahmed’s government seems to have subscribed to the “information” that a coup plot is underway. He spoke about the coup even though no parliamentarians asked about it. He said: “Even though the question is not asked, let me advise my fathers and my elder brothers. Recently in some areas, our fathers are discussing a coup d’etat. It will not succeed in Ethiopia. We are soldiers and we built the institutions in a way to ensure that a coup will not succeed.”

Abiy’s description of those involved in the alleged coup as “my fathers and my elders” seems to match with Tsadkan Gebretensae, who is of senior citizen age.

Abiy Ahmed also revealed that a “friendly country” is allegedly involved in financing and coordinating the coup. Initially, there was speculation that he might have been referring to Eritrea. However, there is now a view that Abiy was more likely referring to the United States.

Apart from Tsadkan Gebretensae, politicians like Gendu Andargachew—who fell out with Abiy Ahmed’s government—were rumored to have had discussions with U.S. government officials in the United States. U.S. Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa is currently in Ethiopia for a “working” visit and is scheduled to meet with Ethiopian government officials. 

As of now, Tsadkan Gebretensae has not commented on the allegations regarding his possible involvement in the coup d’état. Abiy Ahmed has repeatedly expressed concern about the possibility of a coup in Ethiopia.


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  1. General Tsadkan is not a trusted Tigraway but currently enjoying his loots in the United States. His corruption and theft are contrary to Tigray values and norms which encourage and value hard work and fairness. The corruption and theft that TPLF leaders run in Ethiopia ae typical of the Amhara culture and ways of life , not Tigrayan. The Oromo corruption seen in Ethiopia is ugly and open.

    • I think you are right in that Tplf members are a group of monks from the caves of Mai-Kadra. Yes, the Amhara and Oromo are culturally corrupt. The Tigraway? They are digital, liars, and cowards.

  2. I got a live one for you folks. I am now urging the leaders of Africa to permanently relocate the AU headquarter from Addis/Finfinne. I have two best choices for them.

    1) Mogadishu – The recent extensive study done by other organization has rated this city to be the most people secured and peaceful city in the world. You can hear a pin drop there now. My number one expert in the affairs of the Horn of Africa, Af-Mishaar, told me that residents in that feel so secure that they leave their doors open when they go to sleep. Mogadishu beach is now rivaling Miami Beach.

    2) Asmara – The research group I created just returned from a month long trip to that city. The original plan was for only one week stay but the city was so attractive that they forgot about their overstaying. Italian tourists who come for a visit fall in love with that city so much that they don’t want to leave. That is why Italians are the most deported foreigners from that country in the history of tourism.

    I will announce their choice today at half a minute after stay tuned. Otherwise, if you miss it you will never hear about it.

    I had Al-Qahirah(Cairo) as another choice for them but that is a long story.

  3. Borkena editors are a bunch of dishonest, snobish, and unprofessional freeloaders hiding themselves in Canada, a generous country.
    Borkena’s editors and website proprietors lack fundamental etiquette. You spread rumors to fan the flames of conflict after conflict, and you appear to be lacking in professionalism, refusing to address General Tsadkan correctly. Fanno has fake generals who have an exceptional knack for transforming bars into battle fields, stealing sacred religious artifacts, and killing children, women, and priests.

  4. This is hot off the press! According to the news agency of Af-Mishaar, Somalia and Eritrea have just signed an extensive defense treaty whereby Somalia will have its pilots trained there and its air force to acquire 210 SU-39’s from the Eritrean Aerospace Corporation. The Eritrean air force is said have the latest military jets available anywhere. It is also reported that they have been able to modify the latest SU-49 fighter jets that stretched their flight range up to 15,000 miles. There are 50 SU-29, 75 SU-35 and 120 SU-49’s in their arsenal. That means they can strike Cape Town in one sortie and return to their bases safely without the need for refueling. O, I almost forgot about this. There were also able to convert all their fighter jets, helicopter gun ships and every aircraft in their depot with stealth technology. Ethiopia, you’re toast; Djibouti, you’re toast; South Africa, you’re toast. There is a way to work things out to avoid Eritrea’s ire. Ethiopia must pay the 250 billion in US dollars it owes Eritrea. Some of that is to compensate for Ethiopia’s invasion of an independent Eritrea in 1941 at the Battle of Keren. Please note that I did not say ‘Karen’. I wrote Keren. Hey Ethiopia, you better cough it up, pronto. I’m trying to say something in Italian here, the lingua franca of our neighbors to the north.

    • You are trying to mock Somalia and Eritrean leaders but they are respected personality compared to your ‘boy king’ Abiy who supposed to be the leader of the region. Fano should soon take care of your boy king and make greater alliance with the two leaders you mock day and night. Only then East Africa will be peaceful and prosperous.

    • Your attempt to downgrade Somalia and Eritrea is completely laughable and pathetic. It’s is truly mind boggling that you simultaneously believe that your are exceptionally funny and clever. Before you vomit meaningless words, before you attempt to be ironic and smart have a good look in the mirror. The creature that looks back at you knows you are a government plant, planted to confuse and misdirect attention from serious matters. Shame is looking for you but you avoid her deceivingly….

  5. Some one just told me more background about this so-called general. He told me how this guy marched into Addis/Finfinne as a member a ragtag horde. Then in a few years he somehow had the capital to be part of ownership on a major beer factory. The boys from Dedebit knew how to share the pie inside the coffers of the nation among themselves. He told other stories like this one where in one instance a person who used to a hammaal(collie) before 1991 somehow in just a matter 3 years he became a major exporter of legumes and oil seeds to Asia. Through his kinship connection that goes back to one of joints in Tigray, he was able to secure massive loans to buy tractors, seeds and was given a large tract of land to grow those agricultural products displacing thousands of citizens in the process. Then he disappeared suddenly rumored to be to one of the Asian countries where he hauled away his loots just before the war erupted in 2020. Who knows he may be having good time in Minnesota or Toronto. That is why I despise ethnic politics. Liberation army, my foot!!!

  6. Ethiopia, you’re toast! The plan of attack to wipe you clean of the is ready hot off the print room in Alqahirah. 50 brigade strong mechanized will start the assault on your northern front. The almighty combined air forces of Somalia and Piccola Roma will start flying 300 sorties to destroy your garrisons scattered all over the country. Then these opening raids both from the north and south will be followed by sweep up operation by a 250,000 man strong Somali army. The liberation of Ethiopia from the clutches of Oromos and Amharas has begun. At the end of this operation there will be no Amharas and Oromos left alive in the country. Then Somalia will regain the territories it lost to the invading army of Menelik, Haile and Britain in 1948. Then the new Ethiopia devoid of Amharas and Oromos will be made to pay the 250 billion in US dollars it owes Piccola Roma for its invasion at Keren in 1941. The invasion was well documented by historian Mackenzie in which he wrote in detail how Menelik and Halie’s troops massacred 3,456,876 men and women of Piccola Roma in 1941. That is more than 3 million people.
    Ethiopia, you’re toast! You’re done! Kaput!! Bye bye!!!

  7. This is the latest from Af-Mishaar.

    The indomitable combined forces of Piccolo Roma, Somalia, Al-Qahirah and Ankara have entered the Capital of former country called Ethiopia, Addis/Finfinne at 10:00 SMT after destroying the entire Ethiopian army and eliminating every Oromo and Amhara in the country. PM Abiy is said to have fled the country and is now living in an abandoned building either in Minnesota or Toronto surrounded by stinking bigots and connivers who live there. With Oromos and Amharas gone I can now go in there and grab anything I want. Boy, do I hate those two people or what!!! I’m sitting here in my comfy home in Minnesota, Toronto, LA, Michigan, Knoxville, Oslo and Down Under enjoying the demise of that former Ethiopia. Again, this is Af-Mishaar talking, the only expert in foreign policy for the Horn of Africa!!!
    No response is allowed!!!
    Just before I go I want to tell you something I had accomplished yesterday. I ran a marathon yesterday with a record time of 1:50 which means in 1 hour and 50 minutes. The athletics federation refused to recognize my achievement because those two people of Oromos and Amharas protested. I ascended the San Bernardino mountain in 15 minutes and that was also denied because of the same protest by Amharas and Oromos. That is why I hate those two people. You Oromos, from now on you are called Somali Abos and you Amharas, you now have a new name, Somali Antes!!! Wear it! Live it!!! And that is an order!!!


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