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Ethiopian gov’t forces reportedly massacred 26 unarmed civilians in Gondar 

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The Ethiopian government forces have been linked to extrajudicial killings in Gojjam, Shewa, Wollo and Gondar. (Image : Google map/AAA)


Toronto – Ethiopian government forces have reportedly massacred 26 unarmed civilians in different parts of central Gondar area of the Amhara regional state of Ethiopia.  The incident happened on Saturday. 

U.S. based ethnic-Amhara advocacy organization – Amhara Association of America(AAA) – which has links to sources in the Amhara region of Ethiopia where the Ethiopian government has been undertaking an intensive military operations for the past one year, latest update indicates that a 90 years old monk was among the victims. 

According to the organization, the massacres took place in Guramba, Qoladiba, Dembiya  and Tseda. 

The unarmed civilians were dragged out of their homes and executed, it was said. They were killed on alleged grounds that “they were providing information to Fano or supporting their movement.”

The organization has disclosed the names of the victims. They range from 30 to 90 years of age. 

Over the weekend, Fano forces from the area had been reporting the government forces suffered serious losses in different parts of the area. Most of their operations were ambush attacks and quick operations targeting places where government forces are camping . 

From the recurring extrajudicial executions in the Gojam areas of the region, government forces resort to massacre of unarmed civilians following blowing losses to Fano ambush operations. 

The Defense Force or government communication services did not say anything about the operations in central  Gondar or the reported massacre of unarmed civilians. The latest update from the Defense Force is about the five AK 47 confiscated from individuals in Tsehay Mewcha District in Delanta. 

When Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared in the Ethiopian Parliament last Thursday, he said a conflicting message about extrajudicial killings of civilians in the Amhara region. He said, the Defense Force does not kill civilians. But he also said that, “when you kill, it is okay. when I kill, it is genocide. It does not work that way.” 

So far there appears to be no reports from human rights organizations that Fano forces have killed unarmed civilians. On the other hand, the government forces have been carrying out extrajudicial killings almost in all zones of the Amhara region.

It has been almost a year now since Abiy Ahmed’s administration declared war in the Amhara region of Ethiopia with a stated objective of “disarming fano” after it declared a six months state of emergency in August 2023 which was extended by four months in 2024. 

With broad-based grassroot support in the Amhara region and beyond, the Fano forces are said to be more armed now and larger in number than at the beginning of the official military operation in the region in August 2023. In the past two weeks, two senior generals joined the Fano forces – a development that was seen as a significant indicator that  Fano is indeed growing stronger. 


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  1. This is exactly what I have been saying. Innocent civilians in both Amhara and Oromia regions are between a rock and hard place. At nights the armed will come in and do whatever they want including assaulting and killing innocent civilians they suspect work for the government. Then when the dun rises, federal and regional forces will take their turn to come in and assault and murder innocent residents. This ain’t living. Just imagine the physical torture you have to endure if you are suspected of working for either side. This has been the norm since 1974 in that country after absentee students and their allied soldiers on AWOL took advantage of an intemperate public outburst and overthrew a stable regime. If not for The Almighty Our Creator’s willing, that country could have been long gone by now.


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