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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed says “I feel hope, remorse and anger” 


Toronto – Abiy Ahmed on Saturday led members of his government to Arba Minch – South Ethiopia. 

The state media reported that the trip is related to Gebeta Lehager (“Dine for the Nation”) – a resort-like development project focused on developing tourism infrastructures in selected areas in the country.

Speaking to FBC, state media, the Prime Minister who appeared in the parliament just a few days ago said “two feelings confuses me at the same time. One the one hand hopefulness. On the other hand, remorse and anger.” 

His remark is not related to the grave security situation in the country or the economic hardship that the majority of Ethiopians are struggling with. It has nothing to do with the legitimacy crisis he has been facing either. His trip to Arba Minch was organized in a way to show off that his government still has “support from the public-” as is the case when he travels south.  

Apart from monstrous war in the Amhara region, the state of lawlessness and grave security situation in the Oromo region of Ethiopia is a nightmare for Ethiopians. Just this week, a radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist group operating in the Oromia region of Ethiopia kidnapped three busses of passengers as they were heading to the capital Addis Ababa from the Amhara region.

Abiy’s remark is about the potential productivity of Ethiopia’s land. The “hope” is that the land is productive. And the remorse and the anger is explained as “how come you have such a productive land and beg for food?” And then he gives answers for himself, “we are begging for food because we failed to work together,” he said. 

Ethiopia has witnessed an unprecedented level of violence since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took power. The war between his government and The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is believed to have claimed about one million lives. Security related disasters in different parts of the country has also brought about many unsafe situations to move from place to place for work or something else. 

Watch his remark below 

Video : embedded from FBC (State Media) YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Again, stop calling those hooligans who just kidnapped innocent citizens ‘a radical ethnic Oromo Nationalist group’. These are ‘Oromo Nationalist’ but terrorists and they have been doing to Oromos also. They have kidnapping Oromo farmers and small business owners in small towns and rural areas in various parts of Oromia for ransom. They have been killing those who were not able to come up with the ransom money. Many of potential targets of kidnapping have fled their domiciles and are now living as internally displaced people. I have heard that from my own relatives who know such refugees. These are not ‘liberation army or radical group’ but outright terrorists. Just look at what they have done to an Oromo public official in the Amhara region. They murdered him in cold blood. They did that to make it look he was killed by Amharas. These are savages at par with The Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA) in Uganda, Boko Haraam in Nigeria, Al-Shabaab in Somalia, ISIS in the Middle East and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. So don’t call them Oromos.

  2. መጀመሪያ ሰላም የት አለና ነው? “ተስፋ” ይላል፤ ዐቢይ ወሬ ማሳመር ይችልበታል። ወደ አዲሳባ ሲመለስ ይህን ሁሉ ይረሳል፤ ቀጥሎ ወደ ሌላ ይዛመታል። የአገር መሪ አመራር መስጠት እንጂ በየጥቃቅኑ ጣልቃ እየገባ “ታይምሼር” “ቤት ማከራየት” ይላል። ስለ ሌላ አፍሪካ አገር ያወራል፤ የኛ ገነት ነው ይላል። “ፖቴንሻል” ይላል፤ የቱሪስት መስህብ ይላል። የማይለው ነገር የለውም። ያለ ዝግጅት አውሮፕላን ተሳፍሮ በየሄደበት የሆነ ያልሆነ ያወራል።


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