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Ethiopia, South Sudan reach common understanding on a range of issues

South Sudan _ Ethiopia
Ethiopia and South Sudan are embarking of joint infrastructure projects (Photo : EPA)


Toronto – Ethiopia and South Sudan have reportedly reached a common understanding on a range of issues following two days of discussions on infrastructure development, security, migration, trade and socio-cultural exchange.

The two countries were having their first Joint Border Administrators and Governors meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. 

 “Ethiopians and South Sudanese are linked by history, blood and a shared desire for peace, progress and prosperity,” Mesganu Arega, State Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, said in a remark at the conclusion of the joint meeting. 

Updates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicate that Ethiopia stressed the need for consistency in joint actions on matters of shared challenges that could have negative implications  on the  “security, stability and development of the two brotherly countries and on the region at large.”

And there is anticipation that the understanding reached between two countries  could work as a framework for consensus building on matters of comment interest.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of South Sudan, Ambassador Semaya K. Kumba sees the two days meeting as a “milestone” in the bilateral relations of the two countries. He expressed his view that  “it helps to resolve common challenges amicably through mutual understanding.”

The Ambassador also highlighted  the contribution of Ethiopia during the struggle for South Sudan’s Independence and expressed South Sudan’s committeemen  “to the implementation of the resolutions on which the two sides agreed.”

Ethiopia and South Sudan are working on a joint infrastructure development project. Last week, the National Assembly of South Sudan approved a $778 million funding for a highway project that will link South Sudan and Ethiopia. 

There had been cross-border security issues in the past that have contributed to what appeared like a security crisis in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. This is good news for the citizens who live in the areas bordering both countries in particular and the two countries in general. Such cooperation should always be encouraged. Good luck.


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