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Most of the Kebeles in the Dabat, Debark area under Fano forces

Solomon Atena _ Dabat _ Debark
Solomon Atena on of the Fano leaders operating in Dabat, Debrak areas. (Photo : EMS)


Toronto – Most of the kebeles in the Debark area of Gondar are reportedly under Fano Forces, Ethiopian Media Services (EMS) on Saturday reported citing residents from the area. 

Prosperity Party Structures in the area have reportedly collapsed. Federal government supported an arrangement to bring TPLF forces to Telemet area ( Prime Minister called it Tselemt when he was addressing the parliament last Thursday) under the guise of returning  “displaced people” had caused great resentment in the area and contributed to the collapse of government structure in the region.

Solomon Atena, Atsewochu Division of Fano in Gondar Commander, confirmed to EMS that most of the kebeles outside of Dabat are under the control of Fano forces. 


Asked about the ongoing mediation effort on the part of the government, he said mediation is a respected value in the Amhara tradition. However, the ongoing issue is not something that needs mediation. The government has demonstrated its inability to run the country and causing violence in Ethiopia and has to hand over power to a transitional body, he said. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force  and Amhara regional government formed what they called an independent committee which was tasked to facilitate discussion between Fano forces and the government. However, Fano forces – from many locations in the Amhara region – rejected the move.  Fano forces in Gojam have even warned the 15 member committee to not try any activity in the Fano areas in connection with the “mediation” or risk death. 

PM Abiy Ahmed  downplay Fano 

From multiple local news sources, it is clear that Fano forces are actively operating in most parts of the Amhara region and even running administrations at district levels. 

Video footage of Fano forces training and graduating new fighters are trending on social media platforms on a weekly basis. Except for heavy artillery and tanks, the Fano seem to be more armed now than when the movement was officially declared about a year ago. Mostly avoiding conventional battles, the Fano forces have inflicted serious damage on government forces – as the Defense Chief of Staff FM Berhanu Jula himself admitted in one of his interviews. 

However, Abiy Ahmed seems to downplay it as poorly armed and numerically feeble. During his parliamentary address, on Thursday this week, he described Fanos as “three people with three Klashinkov [AK47] vying for Arat kilo [the palace]” 

Ironically, the government also says, albeit seemingly a lip service, is pleading for mediation. 


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  1. They are controlling the said areas. Okay, what are they doing with it? Next the federal and regional forces will move in and there will be no sight of these groups. Just like Oromia the citizens are between a rock and hard place. First the armed groups will move into villages and small towns during nights to murder and kidnap everyone they think works for the government and when the sun is up, the federal and regional will come in and do their own killings and kidnappings. That leads to a vicious cycle of internal displacement. What does that mean? Farms will end up unattended and go fallow. Then that is a perfect recipe for food scarcity leading to starvation and famine. This can happen even if it rains in buckets. What a predicament for those noble and upright people of both Oromia and Amhara regions! All this could have been avoided at a dialogue table when the will to compromise exists.

    Lack of the will to compromise has caused the loss of millions of human lives and unimaginable destruction. Lack of the will to peaceful resolution will giveaway to unwise and uncontrolled outburst by sections of the population and erodes the hope for sustainable peace and stability. You add haplessly unemployed youth in its millions and millions others who can not feed and cloth themselves and their families with what they earn from working to the mix, you will have a huge cannon fodder readily available for all sides. Now it becomes a matter of survival. You either join the regime’s camp or those who are roaming in the bushes.

    My nightmare is such stupid and senseless conflicts may lead to the demolishing and destroying of the center with no one strong enough and ready to take over. Then you will see the entire 130+ million citizens on the move in every direction. That is what these bigots and connivers in Minnesota, California, Toronto, Michigan, Tennessee, Oslo and Down Under are salivating about so they can go in there and yank away a territory to call it their own. Above all, there has never been a single armed group since the American War of Independence that brought democracy and the rule of law after it topples a sitting regime. It is not in the nature of such armed groups. You need proof? Just look around in that region. Look around!!!

    • Fano should lead Amhara region. No more puppets for former TPLF and current OPDO masters lead the brave Amhara people. That is the only solution for Ethiopia. The Federal Government should also be reformed for proper representation of Amhara and other communities. No more one community domination in Ethiopia.

  2. The boy king is terrified!! Terrified of his own people!!
    He is loosing Genearls to Fanno, heavy weaponry and a lot of soldiers (who are the last to be blamed, they follow orders) , he has already lost the trust of milions of people and he is terrified his wannabe Emperor style of rulling is coming to an end.
    I predict he will run to his sugar dadies in Turkey and Iran to plead for 3 more drones vying to stay just a little more on his Chinese made thrown in 4 kilo!!!


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