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Abiy Ahmed demonstrated casually the decapitation of human head 3 times in parliament speech

Ethio Chronicles

Abiy Ahmed’s sadism and gruesomeness in full display

Translation:-When someone dies healthy and if there is another person who is unhealthy from the neck down,a short surgery can be performed to cut off the unhealthy person’s head and attach it to the healthy deceased body.

He said this in a graphic manner during his speech in parliament aimed at addressing the 120 million people still traumatized by unprecedented massacres, vividly illustrating the nation’s ongoing burial of countless lives under his watch in the most gruesome way possible.

He was disturbingly casual, no emotions when discussing the act of cutting heads. This chilling moment exposes his mindset and thought process.

His leadership normalized the slaughtering of children and women its also facilitated by the tone he sets behind closed doors.

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Chronicle YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. The state of mind of this man is not safe and sound.. That kind of behavior seems strange, nothing to say of being clear violating of his leadership ethics . Why is he doing repeatedly in public such gruesome and sadistic behavior.? Doent”t he know that doings entertainment with the sacred human life and body parts are out of boundis unless one is doing for legiit of medical or legal reasons.? At no point such abuse and pervert entertainment is permissible in a healthy mind in the civilized world. Where are his leadership ethics and human morality?


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